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Competency Units
FPICOT2237A Maintain Chainsaws
FPICOT2239A Trim & Cut Felled Trees
General Information

The use of any chainsaw may be hazardous. With a basic understanding of your chainsaw and how it is intended to be used, you can reduce or eliminate the risk of serious injury or a possible fatality. The Basic Chainsaw course with Duff Consulting is designed to cover the basic skills & knowledge required for safe and competent maintenance & use of a hand-held chainsaw in a range of situations.

What does it cover?
Courses cover outcomes required to carry out maintenance of hand-held chainsaws and to cut & trim felled trees using a chainsaw. Topics such as planning & preparing for maintenance, conducting chainsaw maintenance, chainsaw maintenance records, preparing for trimming & cutting, visually assessing felled trees, planning for & conducting trimming & cutting are all covered within the course.

What do I get? 
Successful participants will receive a ‘Statement of Attainment’ with the ‘Units of Competency’ listed above that can be used to meet legislative, regulatory and workplace requirements in their relevant fields of employment.

Duff Consulting charge $398 per person regardless of numbers and location. A $20 fee applies to bookings where the payment is not made online at the time of the booking.