Workplace Health & Safety Policy

  • Duff Consulting is committed to the safety of its staff and clients
  • Duff Consulting will endeavour to ensure all its workplaces are as safe as is practically possible
  • Risk assessments will be carried out by Duff Consulting staff in each training venue and risk management plans will be put in place prior to the commencement of the training
  • Both Duff Consulting staff and clients maintain a responsibility to be alert to risks to their health, safety and welfare, and to take appropriate action to minimise any potential hazards
  • All potential hazards should be reported to a member of Duff Consulting staff as soon as possible with all incidents being reported in accordance with legislative and/or regulatory requirements
  • Clients hold a responsibility to maintain standards of appropriate dress and decorum while participating in all Duff Consulting services
  • Training engagements will be terminated if Duff Consulting staff and clients are placed at serious risk without possibility of hazard minimisation
  • Duff Consulting staff and clients should not attempt to combat potential hazards without the necessary qualifications to do so, and any attempts otherwise are undertaken at the risk of the individual